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2023 Reader Question 111

2023 Reader Question 111 published on 9 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 111

Unfortunately, you read that right! After years of avoiding it I finally got covid. So I’m out of commission for at least the week. I was planning on just skipping this week and not posting anything, but then I thought: hey I’ve got literally a decade+ of old art that not everyone has seen that I could post instead. So enjoy: Old Art Week!


Ouch, my sympathies. I finally got COVID on my way back from Midwest Furfest — sorry I didn’t see you there! Thankfully, I was still on vacation through the worst of it, and I work from home, but I’m still congested and sneezing and sealed in my bedroom so my roommate won’t get it.

Hope your energy levels pick up soon and you shake this damned bug!

Unicorn luck, and a tip of the horn, towards your better and immediate health.

Got Delta myself a couple years ago. Worst flu I ever had. Got through it with all the usuals: soups, lozenges, and swilling all manner of fruit juice. Haven’t had it before or since. Hoping the same holds for you.

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