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Do Sergals exist in the world of Skin Deep?

Probably not, since they were invented like what, ten years ago maybe by a dude on the internet?

Mick39 is the female artist who designed them and I would be really surprised if Sergals were a thing. Not only for how recent they are but also for the fact they are aliens and live on another planet.

Still fails to answer the questions at the heart of this RQ.
Is ‘Tim’ his real name, or not? And if not, what is his real name?

You know how “Jim” is a diminutive of “James”? Tim’s real name is Tames.

What would the Liverpool Avalon think of Stevie’s Slip-Up in 05/06 season of the BPL? As an LFC supporter I’m curious.

Brooklyn Public Library?
Boston Public Library?
Broadband over Power-Lines?
Buckeye Partners LP?
Bureau of Professional Licensing?

Legislative Finance Committee?
London Forfaiting Company Ltd?
Lafayette Federated Church?
Landau Forte College, Derby?

British Premier League, Liverpool Football Club.

I don’t even watch it. Since they’re in England, specifically Liverpool, it’s not that hard to figure out.

edit: Heck, I just googled Stevie’s slip up and it’s the first thing to show up in the results.

Also, what movie are we talking about? I’m a little out of the loop with film :P

…Monty Pythons Holy Grail. Its the cast of Monty Pythons Flying Circus, doing a parody of Arthurian legends. John Cleese played the role of Tim the Enchanter, so named because when he was asked to give a name in the movie, John was supposed to give a more “magic” name, but completely forgot it. So he went with “Tim.” Everyone thought it was hysterical, so they kept it in.

Hey Tim,
Have you kept the horns as a reminder to be careful with magic, or as a statement? If not, you ever consider going ‘Hellboy’ on them?

Ok, so we know that Wonderland is a literal place so does that mean that other literary stories could be true? I’m hoping that Lovecraft was just an inventive guy otherwise Boston is in for a surprise… and Innsmouth would be a real place. Wait, could Innsmouth be an Avalon? Full of fish people?!

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