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2023 Reader Question 118

2023 Reader Question 118 published on 6 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 118

Here is an animal that is pure evil and only thinks about murder.

It’s the last week of December, so it’s your last chance to join the current round PIN CLUB! Join in December and stay on thru February and you’ll get a PHINEAS THE RED pin with an opalescent red mane, and also his best friend RAVI!


Hm, okay, if ‘any avian and any mammal’ are allowed…

The butcherbirds – known for sticking prey (even if it’s still alive) on whatever spike is available. Including barbed wire.

As I recall, various mammals have been observed in mimicking the vocalizations of their prey to lure them in. One of the more fun ones I recall was an observation in some margays pursuing tamarins. IIRC, it was restricted to margays that were in the limited tamarin area, but still. I could see that occurring elsewhere.

Now there’s a fun horror story. The margay side lures their prey in, and the butcherbird side grabs them and impales them while still alive.

Margay and Superb Lyre Bird. Finally thought of a griffon combo to toss out there! Two animals known for mimicry, could this be a troll to rival bugbears? (not SCARY, just a troll)

(I saw an article once about the Margay mimicking the calls of baby monkeys to try and lure parents into an ambush!)

We apparently read the same articles!

I went and looked it up. Traced back to observations in the mid 2000s, and published in 2010. Made NatGeo and a number of other places.

And, yes, I considered the lyrebird / margay mimicry mix, which would be quite silly (imagine Michael Winslow – wait, COULD he be a shifted lyregay?) to live with.

But since the theme was ‘evil and scary’, butcherbird.

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