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Not sure if this has been asked before, so apologies if it has!

What happens if a kid has two unturned parents of different species, and the kid gets their hands on a medallion? Would one species be considered the dominant genes and that’s what the kid would turn out to be as well? Or would their siblings (if they have any) turn into different creatures?

I don’t remember if it’s been stated explicitly (or where), and the archives aren’t searchable. But, if I remember correctly, the offspring takes after the same-gendered parent. So, for example, if an unturned (male) satyr and an unturned (female) nixie had a boy, it would be a satyr. If they had a girl, it’d be a nixie.

(So… if I’m right, and if my memory isn’t faulty… then yes, their siblings *could* be different creatures. All the boys would turn into the same type of creature as the father, and the girls into the same type as their mother.)

Does that mean the “wrong” medallion wouldn’t do anything?

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the case, though, since Anthony’s mom was a harpy, and Sam’s dad is a reverse gryphon.

And the medallion thing has been explained in detail – contact with any strong magic (and all medallions are strong) will break the weaker magic that was keeping the kid looking human. So if you had an unturned satyr and handed him a nixie medallion, he would turn, but he wouldn’t have a medallion he could use.

I think that is only under a special case that touching a medallion can cause someone to shift if the medallion doesn’t belong to their kind.

John (Blanche’s friend) is an example of that happening but that is because there is no such thing as a harpy medallion. Whatever was keeping him in the shape of a human wasn’t the same brand of magic as the medallions so it caused a weird reaction and broke the spell when he made contact with what I believe was a satyr medallion. Madame U’s whole business model is making people touch multiple medallions to see if one sticks because she doesn’t know if they are mythological after trying out just one.

It would be fairly poor design if all of the sphinxes made medallions for a large number of races, but didn’t add some check that would stop the spell from breaking if they touched the wrong race’s medallion. If that was how it worked the mythological community would definitely have been outed by now with isolated cases of people being permanently stuck appearing as a Gryphon because they at once point made contact with a Nixie medallion in someone’s attic.

An unturned satyr wouldn’t turn with a nixie medallion.

The “breaks weaker magic” thing is 100% specific to Tony’s case. He wasn’t unturned. He was magically transformed (or his mom was… he inherited this from her). Tony didn’t “turn” (which, as you saw with Michelle was magic smoke and *poof*), instead Tony had a slow and uncomfortable transformation.

I forget how long ago as well, but it was a brief what-if discussion centered on what would happen if a child born to a single gendered species, was born the opposite gender to that species. We were looking at Blanche.
What I can remember of what I said in that discussion, was that if born female Blanche would definitely have been born a Peryton and not a White Stag, and that Blanche also could have been born male Peryton.

Now that you mention it, I remember that Blanche said something about that. Without another archive dive, I think he said something about how he’s a white stag because his dad’s a white stag. Maybe that’s where I got the idea of “male = father’s species, female = mother’s species”. Though you also make a good point… in mythology, the peryton, in particular, can be either male or female. So perhaps it isn’t as clear-cut as I thought it was.

Omigosh he has a peg leg. How did I not notice this before? :D

Probably because the last time we saw him, he spent most of the scene sitting behind a table. There’s only one panel (Illumination 3, page 26, last panel) where we actually get to see his prosthetic. Looks like one of those modern “blade” prosthetics, too, not just a simple peg leg.

Hey Corey,

What happens if someone who is a member of a long living race such as the griffen touches a medallion and shifts while being old in human years? For example, if a 95 year old grandmother shifted into a griffen would she be 95 in human or griffin years? If her life does get extended would her human form still be just as old and fragile while her griffin form is healthy?

We know violence is one do to Lorne’s brother, Jonathan, had his taken but what else would be medallion be taken for breaking a law?

If I’m understanding this correctly – you’re asking what other crimes might result in the confiscation of a medallion?

That’s an interesting thought. If what I understand is correct, then Jonathan’s medallion was taken away by the Nemean Elders, because he violated the Nemean Code. I’m not sure any other authority has the power to do so, and I’m not sure if the Nemeans would take a medallion from anyone other than a member of their own species.

Which begs the question: If someone in the Liverpool Avalon broke one of the Avalon’s laws, would their medallion be confiscated? If so, by whom?

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