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2023 Reader Question 12

2023 Reader Question 12 published on 11 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 12

It’s Vera Week! Everybody loves Vera, that lovable scamp!

Vera doesn’t know a lot about humans, but she knows enough about retail workers to know that she’s not the weirdest thing the clerks at the convenience store has seen that day.


I don’t think most people would bat an eye at her, even with all that on.

I just see a normal young person living in the 2000s figuring out what their style is. People have dressed up weirder, that’s for sure

If she moves to Wisconsin no one would bat an eye if she wore several layers at all times, at least until summer when all of us stay indoors anyway because the humidity is awful. Plus, the northern part of our state is basically no-man’s land.

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