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2023 Reader Question 17

2023 Reader Question 17 published on 12 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 17

I guess there’s nothing stopping them from making a medallion that would disguise one mythical creature as another, but that wouldn’t be very practical, would it? On a different note, a sphinx would probably never daydream about being something that wasn’t a sphinx.


So medallions disguise things as human.
Can they disguise *anything* as human?
Say Stanley? Or Martha? Or one of your floofy little hummingmouse gryphons?

Well, yeah. That’s the point.

But the medallions have be crafted for that particular creature, so Stanely would need a Stanely medallion, and Martha would need a Ghost Dog medallion. I *think* the uncommon gryphons all have an ‘uncommon gryphon’ medallion, but they also have far fewer permutations than the RQ hypotheticals.

I also assume it would only apply to living creatures. Presumably you couldn’t make a medallion to disguise a chair as a human.

I’m pretty sure that sapience is required in order to trigger medallion magic. Those Uncommon (mini-)Gryphons, for example, don’t seem to qualify. I doubt that Stanley or Martha do, either.

If you mean a medallion that makes a sapient cryptid take the form of a non-sapient cryptid, again: why?

If you mean disguising cryptids as mundane animals, it might not solve anything. For example, a hypothetical centaur might like the idea of disguising himself as a horse. But, throughout all but the most recent history, guess what was routinely rounded up and commandeered (or “bought” by government agents) every time war broke out?

Hmm have to ask, but are there any mythics that have hidden as normal animals like convened humanity their whole species is Just a random animal?

Though I can see that be interesting in a zoo. “the Elephants are speaking latin again.” “you get useto it.”

There was a case of an “uplifted elephant” hiding among regular elephants in a circus in “Sargent Schlock”.

I like the idea of a human using it to disguise themselves as a nonhuman. For example. As another example, that reverse-griffin sport who has found they so far can’t griffin: It would be cool to help that situation out some by making a griffin medalion. A reverse griffin medalion. I mean, a reverse griffin reverse medalion? You know what I mean.

Honestly, seems like something that would have had a lot of survival utility for folks even normally in hiding.

The mob draws near? Turn into something with wings, and fly off.

Famine due to some stupid king or pope declaring all grain unholy, or something? Turn into something that can eat grass, and the world’s your very, very unpleasant salad full with bugs.

Stuff like that. Like Druids in D&D, but more limited & time consuming.

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