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Who of the primary and secondary cast has the least musical talent?

Among the main Springfield cast, my guess would be Merial. She’s the only one not specified to play an instrument, and nothing’s been said about her singing voice.

Other question marks include Eustace, Marshall, and Myra. (Don’t ask Gabe; swinging a poleaxe is not the same as playing an Axe.)

In the L.A., my nominee would be Madame U. Several others, including most of the Finns, have no specified musical talents.

For all we know, ‘Carver could turn out to be a blues singer.

Bloodcarver certainly would have had the life with enough material to sing about as a blues singer.
Then again, if one goes with this logic, he could sing country as well: Mah dad done gone mad, ain’t got no more home.
Cain’t even wander ’round Hell no more.
Way off yonder is mah Missus who I miss and wanna give kisses.

…hmm. I think I better leave the lyrics to someone who can actually compose them. I certainly cain’t!

Quite a few of the characters are established as being musically talented; all others are unspecified. Most will have fair-to-middling skill, or at least be able to appreciate others’ skill.

We have yet to meet a counterpart to Cacofonix, the Gaulish bard (in the Asterix comics) with a horrible voice.

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