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2023 Reader Question 2

2023 Reader Question 2 published on 15 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 2

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Everybody pour one out for Wosret, he is very tired all the time.

This week/weekend I will be at San Diego Comicon! I’ll be at the Topatocon booth, 1229, with Kel McDonald, Alina Pete, and Sam Logan! There’s gonna be a lot of great stuff there, come say hello!


I have to ask, with all the openess in the 2020s in Our reality, do you think some mythics would come out in your world around that time?

Look at how humans love to scapegoat their own minorities throughout history and how they treat them.

In view of that, it’s easy to see why Avalons exist. If they are secret, humans can’t (really) do that because you can’t oppress a people that don’t exist.

Hmm, strange future skin deep thing to think of. Medallions being hidden as watches or other things once they are produced again. Just imagine a 2020s griffin with a jade watch. though that might be dumb on many levels.

Depending on what metal you can make them with, the possibilities could go well beyond that. After all, nowadays, we routinely insert metal parts surgically, e.g., to reconnect badly broken bones. Or, think RFID tags, unsuitable metal coated with glass to make them implantable. Given what the owner has to expect when their medallion goes AWOL, I’d think that quite a number of them would seriously consider that option …

Can we get some examples of how folks may use their supernatural insights for human professions? I imagine that people who grew up with animal features would be extremely insightful veterinarians, creatures with fire affinity would be exceptional firefighters, etc.
And maybe hobbies, too. I can imagine avians would be able to read the wind and be killer kite fliers.

I suppose we already see some examples, like with tree spirit arborists, but its just such a fun topic.

Metals — either pure or alloyed — are practical choices, and the flashback artwork suggest that the phoenix egg functions as a crucible (maybe by its own magical heat?).

Pewters would be easy, and something like Britannium might look nice, but bronzes are more durable.

In particular, Michelle should consider aluminum bronzes when she starts making medallions. Those alloys are quite resistant to saltwater corrosion, especially with the addition of nickel.

I just did a bit more research.

Nickel is an alloy component of some artifacts that are over 2,000 years old. (Might any of the medallion-smiths used meteoric nickel-iron, the theoretical stuff of some legendary swords?) It was identified & isolated in 1751, and alloyed with copper in U.S. coins beginning in 1857. In the 19th century, it was alloyed with copper and zinc as “nickel silver” a.k.a. “German silver”. Since the early 20th century, it has been an important component of some of the (many) alloys called stainless steel.

Metallic aluminum (or aluminium, if you prefer) progressed from theory to affordable reality over the course of the 19th century.

Did any sphinxes or other mytholos have any breakthroughs in metallurgical alchemy that the mundanes never knew about?

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