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Yeah I know entirely too much about medieval coin minting because of this comic

… yeah, I immediately wanted to comment “hey, that’s not magic you’re doing there, it’s running a mint and introducing your own (cryptid)currency” … X-D

Is the process similar for medallions made out of other materials? I know that some of them look like htey were made from clay or carved from stone, such as Greg’s and Myra’s, and I saw some shell medallions as well.

It has to be a material that can survive the heat of a Phoenix Egg. And hold the magic.

More than likely, those are just standard metal medallions, only cast differently. Add a little paint and … well, you have something you’d get at a gift shop.

Kory confirmed that medallions are made from any material they have on hand, including carved wood and stone. Given how easily Greg’s medallion cracked (by him just dropping it), it’s highly unlikely it was a metal base.

I’ve spent most of my life working with metal.
So this is an aspect of the comic that genuinely speaks to me at a deep level.


I learned some of this from an SCA acquaintance whose persona was a Welsh moneyer. As I recall, he was mostly working in food-grade pewter.

Badger, what do you think of my suggestion that a copper-aluminum bronze might be a good choice when Michelle starts making medallions? It’s generally durable, and specifically resistant to corrosion from salt (whether from seawater or sweat).


Excellent Strike! Huzzah!

Would a ‘blank” magic medallion work without the stamp press? I mean, if the dies are magical as well as the metal, then anyone could stamp it, unless there is some other magical component I’m missing to the process.

Seems so, the trick being that if it has some sort of symbol on it, it’s easier to see what the medallion actually transforms: It was established that gryphon medalions are different to nixie medallions, for example. So if it has no symbol, it would make it harder to identify the purpose.

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