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2023 Reader Question 77

2023 Reader Question 77 published on 13 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 77

Happy Halloween! Here’s a bugbear! Bugbear magic seems to work on a “we can do anything as long as it’s scary” logic. One of them must’ve been really chummy with a sphinx back in the day to get sphinxes to decide that they should have medallions.


Of course, if Bugbears are extremely adept shape-shifters who know when anybody is looking at them or even thinking about them, did they really need medallions in the first place?

I honestly love bugbears, and this looks and sounds rad as hell. I wouldn’t be surprise if some hypothetical long ago sphinx either thought it would be funny to give bgubears medallions; or was like “yea they’re fear-mongering tricksters who are constantly either stirring things up or scaring people half to death, but come on, he’s my drinking buddy. I can’t not help ’em out!”

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