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2023 Reader Questions 27

2023 Reader Questions 27 published on 6 Comments on 2023 Reader Questions 27

Is this solid fact Word of God or is this just Tim’s theory? Well, Tim DOES know more about magic than anyone else in the Liverpool Avalon, so take with that as you will. And don’t think about how if this is true how that first gryphon hybrid came about.


So Tim is “Word of God”, as filtered through a potentially unreliable narrator. Good to know.

That being said, can we consider this hard confirmation of the Hippogriff as a currently existing, and genetically viable? (They haven’t shown up in the comic yet.) Sub-question: Given their hybrid nature, have any Hippogriffs bonded with Gryphon Medallions? (I am assuming that Hippogriffs predate the creation of Medallions, and thus have ones of their own in this case.)

Originally, the hippogriff was conceived as an example of a thing that couldn’t exist. Gryphons were predators, and regarded horses as food, so there was no way the two species would ever mate or produce offspring of any kind. However, that meaning and example was lost, and the idea of a hippogriff (or hippogryf – why not?) was just too interesting to leave in obscurity.

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