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I have a potentially odd question:
When mythic folk need to medically transition from one binary gender to the other, would human HRT work for them?

I’m guessing not. The human form is a just complex illusion produced by the medallion. You would probably need HRT for the base (mythic) form. Human hormones might be poisonous.

On the other hand, Michelle is going to be making new amulets. She could probably make cross-sex ones if needed. Male -> female has got to be simpler than centaur -> human. I’m not sure what about half-form. Maybe intersex.

What a cutie!

Something that’s been on my mind – any big name mythicals working as animators/directors of animated features? There’s a fair number of animated movies that sort of parallel mythic societies and struggles (Pom Poko/Wolf Children/Turning Red, et cet. Turning Red even has a form of medallion!)

I started wondering about a massive size difference gryphon, and ended up thinking of an ANGRY boy – the Cassowary/Chihuahua.

…I don’t want to be anywhere near it, and I’m Australian.

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