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Is reader questions even accurate anymore at this point? It’s sort of turned into cool or strange Griffins designs and the occasional question at this point.

How about Megatherium/Argentavis for a Griffin?

Or, for something very different, how about Pangolin/ heart-spotted woodpecker?
(kind of hard to find something fitting for Pangolins, with a distinct lack of armored avian dinosaurs, if someone has a better pairing, feel free to chime in.)

As a first appearance here I will make the obligatory “silly Griffin” suggestion, which I have had on the brain for the past couple days – Shrike/Porcupine. I think you can see the synergy.

And for an actual question; Could a Platypus be considered the uncommon Griffin equivalent of an Opinicus, or is it genuinely its own thing?

What types of dances do they have in the Avalons? Do ppl still dance there or is it just phones and tv like out here?

Dating rules in the 50s were apparently wild thongs our parents didn’t want us to know about, bt.w

i was recently reminded that baby birds are not nearly as cute as baby kitties. so, i must ask… baby gryphon?

lol woops forgot you literally just did one. but that one’s pretty cute and fluffy. i’m imagining those freshly hatched ones that are all naked and horrible.

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