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But Michelle is so adorable! And Bloodcarver has a mustache…?

It’s a shout-out to how Kory originally envisaged the human form of Bloodcarver, from well before SkinDeep was created.

Dragon Michelle looks sick! I love her! :D

almost gargoyle-esque, right?

I recently became aware of Swedish troll lore, the person responsible posted a lot. Amusingly enough, trolls are so linked with magic in Sweden that they actually have special words that use the Swedish word for troll as a base for the terms for magic users.

Don’t worry, there’s a question or two here, and it’s probably a doozy. I haven’t seen any trolls, or what could pass for trolls, in the series thus far, could we see a depiction of different kinds of trolls and a blurb about how they’re seen by the mystical community? Now that think about it, I don’t recall trolls even coming up in conversation, do the Avalons have some sort of taboo regarding talking about trolls?

Considering that the Avalons we’ve seen in the stories have so far been USA and UK ones, why would the majority of their residents know of the Swedish trolls and their lore?
People like like Barnaby the Wonderlander rabbit historian, or Vadoma who runs Prestor John’s, yes they would likely know, but they would be the exceptions to the norm.

Trolls aren’t just something from Sweden or Scandinavia, stories of trolls are also found in mainland Europe, likely brought in by Scandinavian peoples then adapted to each country over time. But I see your point, trolls really aren’t mentioned in British lore.

You almost make it sound like there haven’t been any Swedish immigrants in the USA. Some of the northern-tier states are famously rich in Swedish heritage, and a section of the Atlantic coast was briefly known as Nya Swerige (New Sweden). Philadelphia was originally a Swedish settlement.

It might be fun to visit an avalon in the upper midwest.

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