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I’d noticed the vegetable lamb, though that’s not hard when I think Greg was petting it.

Have you seen Dungeon Meshi? At one point, they decide to eat a vegetable lamb that isn’t ripe and it’s kinda gross.

I remember that! I can’t remember what they said a ripe one tastes like…

Speaking of Dungeon Meshi, um… how… edible would you say some mythical animals (and, um, people, I guess) are? I get that a large part of staying a secret is because of safety, but how many in the mythical community know what they taste like? o.o’

Now you’re reminding me of the first D&D session I sat in on. The group exited the dungeon and the DM told them the date & time (as if the local chamber of commerce had sponsored a magically-updating sign). The guy I was sitting next to pointed to his character sheet, showing that they’d been inside for a month with the standard one week’s rations. He whispered to me, “What did we eat?”

I whispered back, “You don’t want to know!”

Since then, I’ve joked about such menu items as “Don’t-Ask Stew” and “You-Don’t-Want-To-Know Casserole”.

“The Ranger and the druid took care of us.”
“between the two of them, they know a lot about foraging in almost every environment natural, urban, or otherwise. Just don’t ask them where the meat came from.”
“Why n-”

Seeing how rambunctious young gryphons are, what kind of toys can distract them enough to give their parents a reprieve? I was reading about the Mexican jumping beans of my childhood and for some reason I thought it would have made a great toy for an excited gryphlet.

I also want to hear about mythical toys!

But just t be clear, grphons are not rambunctious by nature of their species. Pul and Tobias were good boys:

Colin and Jim were just hyperactive.

Hyperactive young kittens are a nightmare from the first minute of the day to the last one, normal young kittens have quiet moments. That is the only difference. Gryphons having feline traits, being a good kid might still mean rambuctious, but with rest periods. :D

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