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February Reader Question 26

February Reader Question 26 published on 27 Comments on February Reader Question 26

Like lionesses, sometimes heraldic lions will grow manes. It’s a good thing there aren’t many Bohemian Lions with manes, though, because they would be absolutely impossible to be around. Vain doesn’t even begin to describe it.


What is this bestiary of which you speak? I just checked the wiki, and it doesn’t say anything about manes in the entry for Bohemian Lions, nor does it point me to a bestiary. And I don’t see a link in any of the menus above the comic.

What I would like to know is what kind of legend creature is Kory. Who is with me?

Legend creature for me means that a creature from legends that hasn’t been disproved as real or from mythology that might exist but we don’t know it. Sis could you put it into simpler terms? Please with wonderland berry’s on top.

I thought she was asked to draw herself as a Spinx not what legend creature she thought herself to be.

We’ve seen fawns, satyrs, common gryphons, maned gryphons, sphinxes, centaurs, pegasi, gorgons, harpies, dryads, manticores… And those are just the ones I can remember from the comic itself! What would other Skin Deep canon greco-roman creatures (like the Minoan Gryphon (Also called King Mino’s Gryphon) or Hippalectryon) look like? Would they have medallions?

Actually most of the creatures you’ve mentioned are Greek in origin not Roman but Ya you have the right idea.

I decided to call them greco-roman cause ancient Greece and Ancient Rome have a lot of mythology that is pretty similar to each-other’s. Might mostly just with the gods though. Not sure with the creatures themselves, but just wanted to be safe on that. Plus calling a Greek creature a greco-roman creature is better than mislabeling it as a Roman creature.

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