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The haunting yet adorable sounds that probably makes…

Here’s one for you – How about some kind of gryphon that’s entirely dinosaur based? Like… Protoceratops and Archaeopteryx

Which would be an interesting question: How close to birds would a dinosaur have to be to be counted as the bird part of the gryphon? Only Theropods? Or any Dinosaur? Which would also mean you’d have to combine with ancient mammal relative instead of dinosaur/dinosaur…

Sorry. I’m rambling again. Keep up the awesome work, Kory!

These may look cute, but:
1. Imagine the noises they make, the dinosaur scream of the kiwi mixed with the endless squeaking of the guinea pig.
2. With the kiwi beak, they probably have to eat living bugs, grubs, and worms, and will stick their face into every bit of dirt they see to sniff for food.
3. Probably nocturnal.

The megatherium/argentavis made me wonder… are there any mythological folks that are truly prehistoric? Not just extinct like the sphinxes, but “Yeah this existed way before people even.” Or is there no way to even have records of those?

Random thought experiment. One of the cast members of the comic discover that their reality is either a form of media. Or that an invisible third party is scrying them from another dimension for amusement. Whom is the most likely to come across this discovery amd how do they react?

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