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It’s a crux with not writing anything down. Which brings me to another thing I’ve wondered: Would Barnaby even know first-hand what went down like, ten years ago? Do Sapient but otherwise normal animals have the same life-span like non-sapient animals of the same species? Would Barnaby here go senile with ten years? Or do these critters live longer?

I really want to see a peregrine falcon / cheetah griffin: the fastest possible Grifs! (could be a king cheetah, or any coat pattern really) (60mph on land, 200mph on wing, 3000 wpm on coffee XD)

Scientifically speaking, it’s not likely this fast, though it would still be the fastest grif possible.

On land, although it’s air drag would drop, the change into front claws might cause poorer grip and poorer force. Still likely very fast.

In air, the introduction of hind limbs would likely slow it down due to air drag. More mass would require stronger wings and other factors, slowing it down further. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as slowing down due to more mass means less self impact force.

Honestly, I doubt that the Sphinxes are responsible for everyone going into hiding. When they and those near them started to get targeted, sure, they perfected the methods needed to hide by making the Medallions. But the Avalons were almost certainly already in existence at that time, especially around Europe, and Wonderland specifically sounds like the type of place built a decade or twelve before the first official Avalon by the paranoid and weird “just in case”.

That’s also ignoring all the mythological “secret magic grotto’s” (I’m not read up enough to actually quote any specific ones, and those I have heard of mostly relate to Gods instead of specific animals) that could also be interpreted as an early iteration of an Avalon. So another way to word this question is to ask “Who invented Avalons, and where was the first one formed?”

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