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2024 Reader Question 21

2024 Reader Question 21 published on 4 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 21

Last week I accidentally made Angus McDonald Boy Genius from The Adventure Zone, so of course now I have to draw some other ones. The Balance arc of The Adventure Zone is the only DnD podcast I ever enjoyed and listened to and cosplayed (as Garfield the Deals Warlock).

Magnus is allowed on the moon since only his head is a dog, but because his head is a dog he cannot vote. I think dogs should vote.

Usually I limit totem animals to animals native to North America, but since there are several established feral populations of peacocks in the US nowadays, so totem peacocks can happen. I have spoken.


Huh… So uh… Where do totems come from? If invasive species get established, then… how do the resulting totems come into existence? Really, how do totems work because all I know is their existence is dependent on the survival of their animal species.

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