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Gardeners and farmers would regard the Galah/Echidna as a nightmare.
Imagine a flock of several hundred them descending on your back yard, and wrecking it in search of their buglife prey.
And then there’s the noise. Galahs are not quiet. When a flock of any size shows up, you need industrial grade hearing protection ear muffs.

What about platypus griffins?

Oh jeeze, those are cute! That long beak…..

And now I have to ask: How about a Kakapo gryphon? Maybe with something really unlikely, the Australian cryptid commonly referred to as a Black Panther? (Ooh, New Zealand and Australia combined! People may throw rocks at me for asking for that.) After watching the infamous video of the well-known Kakapo ‘Sirroco’ trying to shag a zoologist’s head, I just have to ask.
(you can find it here:

So what exactly are Gryphon rules?

Skin Deep wiki on Gryphons.
Scroll down to the pics form the Know Your Gryphons sticker sheet

For Common Gryphons (Mary and Tobias), Ophinci (James, Paul, Jim, Colin), and Reverse Gryphons (Sam and Dermot), the rules are quite clearly defined.
Things become a bit looser, for want of a better description, for Uncommon Gryphons (Leah), any raptor and any big cat.
After that, is the Pygmy Gryphons. This is where there are no rules. Any combination of mammal and bird, that can be made to work, is valid. However, there is no clear indication as to whether the resulting gryphon will be sapient.

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