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2024 Reader Question 45

2024 Reader Question 45 published on 8 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 45

Happy March! Y’all have been waiting so patiently on me, and I really appreciate it! As some of you know, had a really rough fall/winter that threw a wrench into a lot of my plans. But I just finished up a big illustration project, and after ECCC I will be diving headlong into scripting and book design. Hopefully the comic will be back in the spring, and the book will be ready to kickstart by the end of the year! Fingers crossed!! Trust me, nobody wants the comic to return more than I do.

As the reader question says, I am currently at ECCC! Table 20201! Come say hello! I am sure I am very tired.


Yes, i zoomed in on the script. No, it’s not legible.

Take your time Kory, you’re amazing

For the first time in my life I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with me because I realize I don’t actually *care* about the next chapter, just as long as you are okay and happy, Cory.

I think I do that with a lot of things.

Is that bad?

(Sorry to existential crisis on your page.)

Okay. Got a really random question: have you seen what the wild version of avocados look like without the human selective breeding? It’s crazy how different some cultivated plants are from their wild relatives. Also makes me wonder about if the beings of skin deep have cultivated any magical plants to have drastically different characteristics from the wild version.

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