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Very good for the community that she isn´t allowed to missuse her monopole status.
But she was probably allowed to have a “You activated it, you buy it.” policy put in place. XD

Were does she get those medallions anyway since most seem to get inherited?
Did she found a big shoe box full of them one day? Buys them from desperate people?
Or does any medallion without a legal owner automatically get´s added to her inventory?

Not all critters spawn, so when such an individual goes, the medallion is “relocatable”, they probably do give some money, even sold to her, so that’s something indeed worth considering, especially if you don’t need the medallion yourself and don’t just want to hoard them.

Not to mention, not all avalonians probably even want to have one, especially those of advanced age, so again, if you don’t have a brood running at your feet and your they ain’t that good at carrying you to places you’d need an medallion at… It’s sort of no-brainer to give it up for small cash and hope it will find someone who would use it instead.

Interesting question! I imagine that some medallions just don’t come into contact with the next generation and the chain is lost. Greg’s Grandfather almost didn’t pass his medallion down. From there, they could end up in thrift stores.

Madam U probably has a magpie-totem or some sort of creature that detects magic just constantly scouting around for “lost” medallions to sell her.

Well now I’m curious.

Are there magic folk who buy other species’ medallions for personal collections, or is it a social courtesy to leave those available for families who might need a spare?

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