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2024 Reader Question 49

2024 Reader Question 49 published on 9 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 49

Nemean lions are encouraged to give birth while disguised as human so their infants and toddlers will be less destructive, but the flip side to that is that newly turned nemean kids have a hard time controlling their strength. Nemeans who are raised as lions tend to have a better handle on things when they get their medallions. Either way, it is emphasized very strongly how important medallions are, and all nemean kids have to pass a test before they get theirs.


Since the mother’s form determine what form the child will be, is there a rule or preference based on family / species / Avalon on what the mother “ought” to do, or is it societally okay for the mother to decide however she wishes?

If you’ve the time an invlination, could we get more lore on how hybrids function physiolohically and via magic and medallions? In the chapter Kill them with kindness, it’s implied that it’s actually fairly painful to shift. As well as there are a lot of misgivings, at the very least about certain match ups. If not hybrids in gemeral.

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