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2024 Reader Question 48

2024 Reader Question 48 published on 7 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 48

This question goes with the Lung question from earlier! Newton and Cynthia (names they picked when they temporarily moved to England) are friends and can be seen hanging out around the Liverpool Avalon. Both were designed by my good friend Sfé Monster!


-Have we been told yet if land sharks, stymphalian birds, hoop snakes, or drop bears exist in the Skin Deep universe?

-Does anyone know if the Monkey King (and related figures like the Bull Demon King, etc.) were actual mythical beings, or just tall tales someone made up?

-How about a hyena/hummingbird gryphon? That sounds slightly terrifying actually.

Ooooh, Cynthia looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the info on Qilin. And yes, someone pointed out that Reader Question. I’m just forgetful at times. ^_^; But hey, got to see Cynthia’s full appearance and not just in the BG, so, this was worth it.

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