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2024 Reader Question 52

2024 Reader Question 52 published on 13 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 52

To be fair, the only screen-time Jon has seen has involved people talking about that time he got his medallion revoked. But also: you probably deserve to be reminded of that time you got your medallion revoked more often, Jon.

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I might have asked already, but do cecaelias exist in this universe? I don’t recall ever seeing one.

Jon you’re not irresponsible. You’re prone to acting in irritation and anger, and have the destructive power of a fully loaded truck moving a highway speeds. Basically, the fact that you are prone to acting out in anger is WORSE than being irresponsible.

Basically, Lorne, who is irresponsible, is correctly treated better because their irresponsibility is less dangerous than your anger issues.

Where do you get the idea that Lorne is irresponsible? Far as we know he’s just easygoing.

You are correct that Jon isn’t irresponsible, though. In fact, him feeling a need to be responsible might be why he’s so aggressive:

To a certain extent, it’s because I consider Jim to be the stereotypical “I’m just hitting University and nothing can hurt me, so I’m going to try EVERYTHING without thinking about it” type of irresponsible, and Lorne was basically tied to his hip until Jim went to the US, so I paint them with the same brush.

That, and I feel like Leah was taking advantage of Lorne, while Lorne was only dating her on the rebound from Jim.

On Leah’s part, as I mentioned her and her relationship, I feel like she knew that Lorne was dating her on the rebound, and decided to take advantage of it while also actively helping Lorne get over his feelings for Jim. Which is why she had Lorne install Richard Serra pieces while teasing him about his whining about Jim going to the US.

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