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Ok, I did not expect her to have that many eggs to sell. Most species don’t nearly produce as many eggs as chickens do.

Well, maybe the “FRESH” on the sign is a bit exaggerated … :-P

(On a more serious note, who says that they’re all her eggs? There’s a boatload of chicken behind the one guy selling eggs at your conventional market, and in the same vein, this stand may well sell eggs from several Ouzelum Ladybirds, some of them possibly being downright unwilling to publicly have their face associated with the enterprise.)

As someone who avoids many meats, I am so grateful for eggs as a simple protein source, alongside nuts, etc. If you don’t need them, gimmie XD So good in bakng, too!

Here, let me return to you a cake made from a delicious part of yourself :3

Hey, the eggs are sold with consent, which means they’re vegan!

It’s always been my understanding that ovo- or lacto-ovo-vegetarians eat eggs, but vayguns reject all nonplant-based food. Am I mistaken?

Kinda – salt, mushrooms, and most medicine are nonplant but vegan-friendly, they just avoid animal products and by-products. Consider WHY they mostly eat plants – it’s not like they threw darts at a list of foods, the goal is to avoid animal suffering/exploitation/whatever else the specific vegan values more than cheese (cheeeese… Quite the sacrifice, I’d say). So voluntary eggs from a consent-capable source would be considered vegan!

As a bonus, I heard from a vegan friend that honey is a hot topic of debate and schizms in vegan community, since there are differences of opinion on “does honey production harm bees”

I mean, given that Skin Deep ouzlem birds are essentially microraptors, they’re probably not that much like chicken eggs given most species of dinosaur who’s eggs we’ve found lean more towards standard squishy reptile eggs than bird eggs. And unfertilized reptile eggs tend to stink and also go bad really quickly.

Is there generally an evolutionary stop gryffon combination follow(nothing older than xyz), or is there some ancient family that has a smildon/terror bird combo?

I’m pretty sure a smilodon-hybrid has appeared in a previous RQ.

As to the question, NONE of the goofy gryphon combinations that appear in the Reader Questions are canonical. Common gryphons are lion-eagles, opinici are lion-eagles, reverse gryphons are lion-eagles. Uncommon/pygmy gryphons may have different combinations of raptor-feline, but nothing particularly unorthodox or ancient.

I *think* it was previously implied that hybridized species were the result of a magical mishap in the past, which probably means that whatever developed at that time is gong to be the baseline of the species going forward (hence why most gryphons are lion-eagles).

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