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2024 Reader Question 94

2024 Reader Question 94 published on 12 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 94

Modern Game Bantams are ALL LEGS. A perfect compliment to a giraffe.

This Saturday I will be at MALL RATS in the Lloyd Center Mall in Portland! If you’re in the area come check out a bunch of cool local artists and maybe pick something up for Mother’s Day!!


Congratulations. You made a Sheep Farmer turned City Boy look up the word Bantam. -_(\

I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean! A bantam is a type of chicken?? Is there another definition (other than like, “small and feisty”) that I don’t know of?

There are enough meanings of the term that Wikipedia has a full-fledged disambiguation page for it:

(But apart from that, if you don’t know about the poultry version, knowing a handful alternative definitions or not doesn’t make a difference, does it?)

Oh I just realized that I had misread the original comment! I had read it as “you made a sheep farmer turned city boy, look up the word “bantam” for some reason and I was like “what does this mean, what does it mean that I made a sheep farmer turn city boy” lol. Sorry for the confusion!

I wonder if there is a Cetus at one of the Greek Avalons.

Quick Note: Cetus is the monster from the myth of Perseus. The Clash of the Titans, both the original movie and the more recent remake, uses the Kracken, which is actually from Scandinavian lore.

So, a movie that uses a Greek mythological backdrop uses a Scandinavian monster; someone really needed to do a few source checks before that was okayed.

Cetus is basically described as being a Whale with the head of a greyhound; also, Cetus is a constellation in the night sky. And sailors have been known to refer to sailing when Cetus is in the sky as being “in the belly of the whale;” what does that remind you of?

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