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2024 Reader Question 93

2024 Reader Question 93 published on 14 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 93

It may come as a surprise that Merial is the only one of the entire group who actually has any sort of plan for higher education. She’s going to be a SCIENTIST.

This Saturday I will be at MALL RATS in the Lloyd Center Mall in Portland! If you’re in the area come check out a bunch of cool local artists and maybe pick something up for Mother’s Day!!


I think if a bugbear was to show up right now, it would just take the form of Jim telling me I also missed my classes. I haven’t gone to college in 25 years, and I still have fears about missing classes.

And these are the people* who complain about student debt >.>

Stop going to college if you don’t care about it! Save the money!

(not Merial)*

Merial is going to have a totally unfair advantage over every other freshwater biologist when it comes to doing field work. The question is how to write up “be a nixie,” in the methods when you’re explaining how you managed to shadow a pike or whatever for nine hours and keep up with its swimming speed.

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