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i would like to propse cracal/peacock as they are ALSO both from india

also maybe a reverse griffin of a an elephant and a dong tao chicken might look less cursed… maybeeee but im not sure.

also also HI! can you draw a Shahapet? there like little snake freinds who protect your house or farm :)

Okay, if the gryphons are going to get as weird as the peacock elephant, I want to make a gryphon that can be mistaken as a Kunpeng! Please note, Kun and Peng are the two forms the actual Chinese Mythological Creature (with Peng being a giant Bird and Kun being a giant Fish). But, because people are people, laziness sets in, and people started giving it a midform of both, mostly because it’s referred to as the Kun Peng when you don’t know what form it is in.

Now, for the body, as I need a mammal, I need to select some sort of Whale or Dolphin. Both do work, because a dolphin is still giant for a fish, but I prefer it to be a whale.

The real problem is the bird. I know nothing about birds that would look good. That said, I decided to look up kookaburra’s knowing I would probably reject them, and saw something actually quite nice.

So, for my gryphon that’s mistaken for a Kunpeng, I suggest a Blue Whale mixed with a Spangled Kookaburra.

Nice to see someone go for a kookie that isn’t the laughing kookaburra! Kingfishers are always a pretty sight. Plus, it’s from the Land of the Bird of Paradise, of course this kookie has to dress up in fancy plumage. But mixing a blue whale with a archaepelago species from a very shallow water sea seems a bit unfair?

Maybe it would help if it’s peacock-size? Well except for the horniness issue.

Have you done a hippogriff or something that could be mistaken for a Peryton yet? What about a griffon where the mammal-part is human?

If the elephant half is one of those extinct dwarf elephants, then it’ll definitely be small.
The human-griff was done a few questions ago (a true marvel of nature), and the perytons are basically winged deer (flying reindeer lol) while the hippogriffs have a classic gryphon arrangement with bird heads and features of their mammal half, like ears, horns, etc. (2023 reader questions nr 95)

Since nothing’s sacred anymore, what would a chicken griffin look like?

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