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I’m… not sure if I would be comfortable having a dog with a human face… Is this a sentiment in the skin deep world? Are they just as creeped out by non-sentient things with human faces as I am? How would Michelle feel in her full-form trying to interact with the far right hellhound…?

If you think dogs with human faces are disturbing, you should look up the Gabriel Hounds. The folktales describe them as large dogs, with the faces of human babies.

The story, IIRC, was that they were the souls of infants who’d died before they’d learned to speak, serving as hounds in the Wild Hunt.

There was some thematic justification or some reason that made sense to Christian English people in the sixteenth or seventeenth century, but it’s such nonsense that I can never remember it. Christians don’t have many opinions on the Wild Hunt in the first place, and mostly they tend to associate Herne with demonic figures.

So the Gabriel Hounds, whose description embodies creepiness at least to me, exist in legend for reasons that I apparently can’t even make sense of.

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