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Let’s see, you’ve got Nemean Lions who are nigh invulnerable and strong as crap, nixies who can breathe underwater and can enable others to do so as well, bugganes who can shape shift, flying this-that-and-the-other-things, and the bugbears who can do I-don’t-know-what. I would think that in the Avalons Batman would be the most popular because he can do stuff without any powers. In the Avalons, plain, ordinary human beings would stand out like Superman in Metropolis.

That would depend on which superhero comic books a character in an Avalon actually read.
In a UK Avalon, it would not immediately be a choice between Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics.
In the UK in the mid noughties, at the newsagencies, there’s all the Marvel Comics UK titles, as well as Doctor Who, and 2000 A.D.
Someone from a US Avalon at the same time would see at newsagencies stuff by Marvel Comics US, DC Comics, WildStorm, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, and Eclipse.

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