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Well, apparently Jocasta got married to someone at some point; or at least had a fling. :-)

I really wouldn’t be surprised if Michelle is somehow related to both of them through different family lines. The both have medallions and could both have married humans.

Just replying to this comment because my comment is sort of related to all three–we know that Jocasta and Wosret separated, she going to Greece and he going to Egypt. I suppose they could have had a kid before then, but didn’t Ravi say they were separating to try and make sure the Sphinxes survived? Stands to reason they would have both married (or at least, had kids with) other people.

Indeed, Cranky.
And so must have Wosret as well.
Because at some point after that, without knowing, 2 unturned members of the family lines did marry and have children.

As a Shade, Michael’s full form was an Egyptian Sphinx. After going into Hiding, that really would not have been possible unless 2 unturned members of the family lines did marry and have children, because of how Ravi comments on Michelle being a Grecian Sphinx, despite her father being an unturned Egyptian Sphinx as being “Unusual, but not impossible”.
Illumination page 25.

By the time the two descendants of Jocasta and Wosret did marry and have children, Jocasta would have had to have become a family name. For that to happen under Western naming conventions, it would have had to have been a son with the family name of Jocasta unknowingly marrying a female descendant of Wosret.

I have a friend like that. We would not be compatible romantically.

I actually have a question that deals with the finer details of medallion use. Does it affect your age? Like, if a sphinx normally lives 200 years, does a medallion shorten it each time you use it to better match the human life span of 50? (I imagine it was closer to 50 when the medallions were first made). Or could you live as a human for 200 years?

And I imagine a unturned child would live the lifespan of a human instead of the sphinx lifespan unless they turn? I reckon that’s the only way the unturned descendants could blend in.

Although, an unturned child of a long-lived species like Griffons or Sphinxes might live somewhat longer than the average human. It would certainly explain people like the 108-year-old Dutch man (Johannes Heesters) who was still actively working as an actor up until his death in December 2011. Or William Shatner, who is looking pretty darn healthy for a man of 85.

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