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January 2017 Reader Question 11

January 2017 Reader Question 11 published on 11 Comments on January 2017 Reader Question 11

Bhadraksh does a passable human disguise with one of those hoodies that zip all the way up and then just pretends like it’s his “schtick.” When Jon isn’t being a surly asshole he’s actually pretty good at his job, who knew.


Why are Jub Jub birds the only Wonderland species we’ve seen with medallions?

But they aren’t, Melody. Jim’s mother is from Wonderland, and she has one. So does his younger brother, Tobias. Though I suppose it’s possible she (or her parents) emigrated to Wonderland, as opposed to being a native Wonderland species.

Though that does lead to another question: Can gryphons use ANY gryphon medallion, or are the medallions unique to the subspecies (e.g. Common gryphon vs Opinicus).

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