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March Reader Question 1

March Reader Question 1 published on 5 Comments on March Reader Question 1

Yeah Reader Questions! Yeah! Thank you everybody for being patient during March so I can clear stuff off of my schedule and get ready for the next comic! Until then, please enjoy some reader questions!

This one is about the Finns!


but but but…. the Finn boys all have the same mother right? But one is a common griffin and the others are manned griffins right?

How did a common griffin mom give live birth to a manned griffin if biologically she should be ‘designed’ to drop eggs?

Magic is, I assume the answer, but basically biology doesn’t really allow for organisms that can give live birth OR egg birth.


Which raises interesting questions about the offspring of completely different species that have procreated via medallion human form. I understand that the child can be either of the parents’ species, so a centaur and nixie could have three nixie children and two centaur children, for example.

But what if the one parent’s species does live births and the other does egg births? It may not be much of an issue for maned ajd non-maned gryphons, as they are closely related anyway and have both bird and mammal attributes, but what if it was an ouzelum bird and a minotaur? Would the birthing parent (Seahorse Sam says “Ya never know with biology!”) need to stay in human form for the entire pregnancy?

If the birthing parent does need to stay in human form for the whole pregnancy: do medallions have a safeguard that prevents them from accidentally switching out of human form while pregnant with offspring they would not be able to birth or grow in full-form or mid-form?

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