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Hi. First time commenting, but I’ve been reading your comic since ‘Greetings from Dogpatch’. I have a question that always bugged me:
Where exactly is the difference between mythological creatures and normal ones? Why are some sapient and others not?
Like, I can understand where human-part critters come in, they get their sapiency from the human side, but what about pure animal ones? Why are gryphons sapient? Why are nemean lions sapient, normal lions not?
Why aren’t byzantine eagles or Stanley sapient? Where is the difference between a Chechen wolf (or any heraldic beasts) and a normal wolf?

Yo, I can see that turning super dark tho. Imagine something like a red wolf totem… Hoarding red wolves to keep themselves alive as the species gets closer to extinction. Started out as an anonymous donor to conservation programs, but now they literally keep their life force locked up in the basement…

So where and/or what exactly is Wonderland? And how is Lewis Carroll involved?

What Wonderland is, is an Avalon.
The majority of its inhabitants are quite different to the more mundane Mythicals in the LA, though.
Eleanor and Rupert are 2 former inhabitants, whose species are not common outside of Wonderland.
But species common in Wonderland are not exclusive to Wonderland, or the UK. Some have made their home in the USA. We saw some of those in ‘Greetings From Dogpatch’.

As for how Charles “Lewis Carroll” Dodgson was involved, there are 2 main lines of thought.
1. That the inhabitants of Wonderland named their Avalon after his Alice stories.
2. That as a child, Dodgson somehow stumbled into the Avalon, and later as an adult, used that knowledge for characters and location ideas for his works.

Where Wonderland is located, is still an unknown, although it’s strongly suspected to be somewhere in the UK, and likely in England.

Seeing as Wonderland has been stated to have been founded in 1522 and Lewis Carroll wouldn’t be born untill 1832 I think your second theory is more likely. Also fun fact, I am actually distantly related to the inspiration for Alice, Alice Liddell.

I work in a Natural Heritage exhibit here in Louisiana so I immediately thought of our poor Wooping Cranes. Still going, just barely. If there’s any sapiens associated with them, I’m sure they’re happy for the conservation efforts.

So if scientists ever manage to bring an extinct species back to life, does that resurrect their “totem”?

Hmm. But aren’t Jackalopes North American? How does Jack look human, then? Actually, I’ve had this on my mind for a while, because Jack doesn’t seem to wear a medallion, and as far as I know Jackalopes don’t have any innate magic, so how?

Jack doesn’t have a medallion. He is implied to be dripping with magic. I would guess.
“They also allegedly possess an uncanny ability to mimic human sounds and when chased will use these abilities to elude capture. During days of the Old West, when cowboys gathered by the campfires singing at night, jackalopes could often be heard mimicking their voices.”

This is from this:
Site. So I would guess their ability to mimic human sounds, would translate to looking human.

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