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Given that the magic of the medallions absorbs or displays clothing as needed, I would say that yes, they do need a new cast because a cast for a human does not fit a gryphon or whoever it is that broke their bone (but we all know Jim is the most likely to be breaking his arm around here)

We’ve established that a medallion user does not transform into a human, like how Ike can, but rather they uses the magic of their medallion to manipulate the illusion of being human. Therefore, if they break a limb, they really did break that limb and that break should be present across all their forms (like how tattoos are present across all their forms)

So if Jim breaks his arm while in human form, the magic might leave his arm such that it fits correctly when he goes to midform because he doesn’t want to hurt himself and the magic of the medallion would take that into account. But if he were to go to full form, he’d instantly be forced to stand on three out of four paws as one of his legs is broken and not set.

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