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The noses are strong in this family~! :D

Indeed! I like how Jim is the only one who got his mums nose. Colin might, but we havent seen him with a medallion yet, SO.

I’ve got a theory. Look at the beaks of their mid-or-fullforms. Jim and his mother Mary share both nose and (too a cartain degree) beak shape. Their beaks are pointyer, I guess, in contrasst to the curvy beaks of the rest of the Finn family. A pointy beak might not be directly indicative of a crocked nose, as plenty of other beaked and characters (griffins included) have curved beaks in the series and it would be strange for all of them to share this nasal structure. But it does to go show that Jim and his mother seem to share some general features in the muzzle area.
So my guess is that Colin has inherited his father’s facial features, mid-and-fullform as well as human-form.

Tobias looks so grumpy. It makes him seem older. And crotchety. Is he going to be one of those grouchy old griffons when he’s grown and ancient, screeching at little kids to get off his lawn?

His mother desperately hopes this crankiness is a phase. His brothers weren’t like this, my goodness.

Guessing he feels the odd duck out, being the only male in the family that isn’t a maned gryphon (I never know which spelling of that word to use). But hey, there are bright sides to this. His hair doesn’t hang down nearly to his butt, like Jim’s. And he can afford pokemon games. Life sounds good. XP

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