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Summer 2022 Reader Question 10

Summer 2022 Reader Question 10 published on 13 Comments on Summer 2022 Reader Question 10

Dr. Wes can go on for hours about this sorta thing, since there are no scientific studies on any of this and all he has to go on are stories and anecdotes.

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Jackalopes, dropbears, and hidebehinds are my favorite cryptos, but I’m worried that they’re all just bugbears. :/ How far off the mark am I?

On the one hand, I feel there should be some amount of studies on this having happened, but on the other, that does ruin the whole veil of mystery and ‘hidden among you’ that the comic thrives on existing, if there was such a body of research done… It is, after all, hard to deny the existence of sphynxes and gryphons and all that, if there’s all this research floating around about how family genetics works, huge family trees marked with species to trace generations of potential mixed species breeding to see if it this question’s been answered in some family line or not.

I love him. I’ve loved him since his first grumpy appearance. I’d love to buy him a beer and listen to him prattle on – this inspires a question!

If Skin Deep were a Movie/TV Show, who would be your money-is-no-object picks for voice actors for the characters?

How exactly do heraldic species work?
Do they just show up once a significant number of people recognize a (new) heraldic animal?
Does it have to be a real heraldic animal or can there be heraldic species born from fictional heraldry?(Could there one day be Kislevite Bears, Khemrian Hawks, Serpents of Lybaras, Lannister Lions, Baratheon Stags, Stark Direwolves, or Targaryen Dragons (unrelated to actual Dragons)? *)
Will they die out (by no longer reproducing) when the country or organization they belong to is gone or forgotten, similar to animal spirits disappearing when their corresponding animal dies out?
How strongly, if at all, do stereotypes about the country or family they are tied to influence them? What about slogans or mottos?

Did I just break the concept of heraldic species by poking too many holes?

* Warhammer Fantasy and Game of Thrones, in case anyone is wondering where either of these would come from, though I would expect that people at least remember GoT, some of it even fondly (even if it should actually be A Song of Ice and Fire)

What are some of the creation myths different species follow? Did most mythics just “pop out of the ether” in the distant past? Does evolution exist for them?

Does the collective human belief in a concept have the power to create a mythical creature from nothing? If so, what is the critical mass (of belief?) needed to create an independent mythical creature?

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