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Let’s get into some faerie stuff, I noticed a distinct lack of fey creatures in the Skindeep universe. Does the faerie in Irish lore known as the Brownie (pronounced Broo-Nee) exist? If they do I think they would take great offense to people pronouncing their name like a sweet baked good; What about the Dullahan? That would be possibly interesting to see, especially if people kept mistaking them for undead despite the fact they are actually faeries; or maybe the Queens of the Courts. In Irish lore, the fey are divided mainly into what are known as the “Courts of the Fey” and each has its own quirks. The courts are known as Seelie and Unseelie, the Seelie are also known as the “Summer Court” and the Unseelie are also known as the “Winter Court”, this is mainly because of their Queens. The queen of the Seelie is known as Summer, she is described as being the embodiment of the season that shares her name, and the queen of the Unseelie is named Winter, she is said to be the embodiment of the season that shares her name. The Seelie are the fey that are mischievous but don’t like hurt mortals if they can help it, they just like to have some mostly harmless fun with them. The Unseelie are described as being a bit more malicious, they don’t care if the mortals get seriously hurt or even die when they go out for their merrymaking. Some Unseelie are even described as preying on mortals, like the Kelpie and its penchant for drowning people and tearing out their livers to feed upon.

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