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Summer 2022 Reader Question 5

Summer 2022 Reader Question 5 published on 10 Comments on Summer 2022 Reader Question 5

Not every thing that can be made must be worn.

I’m at Anthrocon! Come say hello! I’m at BOOTH P18! This is my first show since December and one of only two shows I’m doing this year! If you’re going to be at Anthrocon, mask up and come say hi to me!

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Reminds me of that weird manga, A Centaur’s Life or Centaur’s Worries. It did answer questions such as “how do centaurs wear pants? How do centaurs wear dresses? How do centaurs drive cars? How do centaurs take a bath?” and many others that no one really should have ever asked, such as “what would various historical conflicts have looked like if there were centaurs in it”.

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