Greetings from Dogpatch page 1

Welcome to the first page of the new Skin Deep story! Thank you for your patience as I took October off! But now it’s back to comics comics comics! There are a few familiar faces in this story, and also a lot of new faces that will show up later!

If you are an American 18 years or older, I hope you voted today! That sounds kind of schmaltzy, but it’s true! Voting is important, so do it!


:C I wanted to vote, but it got too late for me to register. I over-procrastinated!

Also, is that Marshall in the back? Or….? Wait, no, Marshall could certainly fly. He already travels a lot. Hmmmmm….

The cast is pretty short on blonds. In Missouri I think it’s just Merial and Gabe, but I would be surprised if Merial cut her hair that short, and I’m not sure Gabe really needs to bum rides to get around.

My money’s on either Gabe or a new character.

Hey, where in Arkansas are they, exactly? It’d be friggin awesome to find out that they’re going through my town, which is just on the other side of the Pineville, MO line! :D

Two things:
1. I found this comic about a year ago and I’ve read it a bagillion times haha! I am in love with the world you’ve created as well as the all of the mythological/legendary creatures info I’ve been able to pick up. <3 (I am aware that the USA is not a world Kory created… I'm speaking more along the lines of the Avalons and such)

2. A quick question about shipping should I buy something from the store… Where are you willing to ship to/ do you have any shipping limitations. Also, does the s/h come included in the price or separately (and how much would it be)?

I ship anywhere, and the shipping is added on at checkout. I believe the most expensive shipping for most items is $3 something for Australia. It depends on what you are getting and where you are, however.

I love that there is actually a town named Dogpatch. And that you are back with a new comic.

And I voted about two weeks ago. We have mail-in-or-put-in-a-dropbox ballots.

What is the road game which “cows on my side” refers to? What are the rules? I’ve played Numberplates and Spotto on road trips, but “cows on my side” is new to me and I might like to play!

Each person counts how many cows are on their side of the road as they go by and whoever has the most cows win. One version has horses counting as extra points or something, but I never played that version.

Isn’t that where Li’l Abner lives? >:=)> Or was that somewhere more mountainous?

Anyway, Eustace probably should have brought an MP3 player with his favourite sounds on, and just watched the scenery roll past. Some people just aren’t conversationalists.

Got it in one. If I’m looking at this right, where they’re heading for is an abandoned Li’l Abner theme park.

DOGPATCH! My mom worked at Dogpatch in the sixties! She played the character Moonbeam McSwine. This reference has totally made my day. Thanks!

The Dogpatch sign is, of course, real (scroll down):

However, the location of that sign is a pretty good drive away from the border indicated in the first panel.

Incidentally, could there possibly be a safer driver in the whole world than a Bugbear?

I don’t think Kory is implying that the signs are close together, or even that our heroes have reached the Dogpatch sign yet. Showing the destination sign here is simply a way to display the story title in a way that sets a tone.

You’re quite right, the inherent radar that lets bugbears know where people are should give them a definite edge in driving safety.

Incidentally, I was in a small-town production of Li’l Abner myself, back in the 90s. I played the mayor.

Something occurred to me, though.

Given that one of a bugbear’s favorite hobbies is scaring people, she might drive without actually wrecking the car, but making her riders think they’re going to die any second.

Perfectly safe, yet harrowing. Think class-one roller coaster.

It’s nice to see Eustace in human form, I had been wondering about that a bit. Who’s the unlucky passenger in the tail of the pickup?

Awww… ran out of pages.


Archive trawl complete. Achievement unlocked: “Ran out of stuff to read”.

Just wondering. What kind of creatures live around Boston or Seattle? If there is no difference what kind of creatures live in the US?

I’m mildly surprised… nay, QUITE surprised, that Myra and Eustace know each other. It makes little sense to be surprised, given that Myra lives practically the next town over from the Missouri Avalon.

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