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I don’t much like Vera right now, even if she is trying to help Michelle and the Bloodcarver escape.

She’s impulsive and capricious. She means well but doesn’t think more than one step ahead. It can be infuriating, even if she’s not actively trying to hurt anyone.

I don’t think she means well at all.

Her attitude is one of self-interest. She needs Michelle and Bloodcarver to be hidden, since they’re her tickets out. She’s so focused on the goal that she’s effectively:
1: Recruit Sphynx and Dragon to escape Hell
2: ???
3: I’m out of Hell!

Honestly, Michelle is being as contrary as Vera. I realize that she didn’t ask to be plopped down into an insane situation like this, but her whining and unwillingness to listen/understand anyone without them yelling over her is kind of infuriating. She seems more interested in complaining about problems than having them be solved. I’m not absolving Vera from anything here, but Michelle just seems to be purposefully misunderstanding every single thing that she can.

Because a webcomic takes so long to progress with it’s audience, I think it’s really easy to forget that Michelle is barely an adult at all and not developmentally equipped for the situations she’s been put into. On top of that, whatever magic was recently unlocked in her seems to be giving her an identity crisis that’s going on mostly behind the scenes, but we can see it on the pages where Bloodcarver initially brought her to the island. I don’t really think it’s fair of anyone to expect her to be anything remotely stable right now, tbh.

Ah, but it seems like Vera can steal magic and make it work.

I’m thinking that the glamour is pretty fragile, like a sneeze could break it.

Eustace said in Orientations that Bloodcarver’s magic was ‘pretty lousy’ and ‘grade F’ as he could see right through it. Since Dis steals all the magic I’m assuming he doesn’t have much practice with it.

That and he probably hasn’t had much call to use it in how many centuries?

He was safe and hidden in Dis. No reason to practice an invisibility glamour when there’s no need to be invisible, or anticipating needing its use.

It’s also possible that there are more spells he could use if he was on the mortal plane and free to access magic. I think that Dis Pater knows about all sorts of spells dragons can cast but only teaches his ‘favorites’ little ones so they don’t usurp him.

The legend does say that that dragons were the other most powerful race next to the sphinxes. Perhaps he and Michelle have some learning to do about their heritage and abilities.

Speaking of, I wonder how Jim and Colin are getting along training with Ravi….

Then again, Eustace is a trickster spirit and possibly as old at a whole species, so him being able to see through it might not mean all that much. Still, there might be some demons able to see though it. And those would be logical choices to set guard at important locations.

And that’s if Bloodcarver doesn’t step on anyone. The streets of Dis had better be pretty wide and low in traffic.

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