Heartaches 31: Disaster

Hey everybody! Welcome to the new Skin Deep website! Girlamatic went down for a few days last week (it’s back up now) and I decided it was time to finally get my own site. Exciting! However I’m pretty new at this whole “making a website” thing, so the site is still under construction and there’s a lot of bugs I’m still working out. You can read the comic, though! So that’s taken care of! It’s just that all the extra stuff and fine-tuning has yet to be finished. My Girlamatic site is still up, as is my WCN mirror, so if you want to wait until this site is 100% to read the comic, you can still read it on those site! Exciting!

Anyway, look a new comic! Abbie’s got a good point, but at the same time so does Paul. I wouldn’t trust Alec as far as I could throw him. And seeing that he’s a giant monster nightmare bear, I can’t throw him at all.


Ooooooooooooo, new website; me likey new website. Also, yea, Paul and Abbie both have good points, and Abbie’s right that Paul might not understand. If you haven’t been in a certain situation, you can sympathize, but empathizing is harder. C’mon Paul, give it a chance! Just keep an eye on Alec.

I’m guessing her parents are also harpyish. At leats her mom, not sure about her dad though. And I love how paulie rakes his nails across the bar. XD It seems to be like one of those kneejerk toe curling moments.

No, no, this can work! You just have to find someone trustworthy to keep an eye on the less-trustworthy ones.

Alec can watch the door, to make sure no one causes trouble.
Blanche can watch Alec, to make sure /he/ doesn’t cause trouble.
They can drag Jon down there to watch Blanche, to make sure he doesn’t get distracted.
Paul can watch Jon, to make sure he doesn’t lose his temper while watching Blanche.

Uhm… on second thought, it might be less trouble all around just to let Alec have his way with people and clean up the mess afterwards.

@David, nah, it’s there as alt-text. Which is the problem.

KoryBing, you got your title text in an alt attribute. You might want to fix that.

I just realized some say their “monsters” and don’t have medallions. What’s all that about? Couldn’t they create medallions for monsters too, since all the other’s had to have been created at some point in time?

Tim specifically stated that there aren’t any “new” medallions, only “newer” ones.

So no; logically speaking, I don’t think they could.

What do you call a woman from Cardiff being portrayed as a Harpy? Typecasting! She should do ok in Liverpool, the true Cardiff accent sounds more like Scouse than any of the other Welsh accents. I was born about 15 miles outside Cardiff and my accent sounds nothing like someone from the centre of the city. The dropped Gs and Hs are more a Valleys feature than a Cardiff one I’d say.

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    I got this wonderful drawing of Jim with the Ogopogo by Atapi at VanCAF this weekend! I especially love his shirt, I might have to make that part of his wardrobe hah hah.


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Anthony Gillis, Blanche Noir, Rupert Burton-Fitzgerald, Pheonix, and Royce Carmikal created by Sfé Monster.
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