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She better be careful or she’ll toast her cards XD Just what is that fire anyways? I mean, obviously it’s fire, but it seems to be involuntary.

I remember Kory mentioned what that fire is anyway, it was most likely on the old site, but I don’t remember. Anyway, I do remember it was along the lines of “Bandersnatches emit gases from both the nose and mouth which occasionally mix together and combust.”

Birds with teeth that’s a bit creepy boy’o

Maybe. Then again, have you seen the inside of a penguin’s mouth? Look it up on the Internet. What you’re seeing is the result of having to swallow food that’s alive and still wiggling. Keeps it from escaping. They’re not literally teeth, of course, but try telling that to the fish.

Also, the Greylag Goose, whose pseudo-teeth help it graze on grasses.

…huh. Maybe this was mentioned before I took my accidental break on archive-binging, but why doesn’t Paul have the family curse? Does he have it, and he jsut disguises his hair like Jim did for his Spike costume?

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