Hello, Goodbye 10: Leah is the Selfish One Here

Big news! You’re aware of Monster Bones, right??? Look directly above here if you need your memory refreshed.

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When I move my eyes back and forth between panels 2 and 3 really fast, I can make Leah’s ears go up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down! 8D

Either I am easily entertained or Leah’s expressions are adorable!

I vote for the later, but the former is also a plausible accomplice.

Seriously. I’ve only seen Leah open her mouth once. I Don’t know why this bothers me, but it does. And now I’m confused. Anyway, great page.

Some people are just tight-lipped, er, -beaked. Either that, or she’s got a tongue-stud that she’s waiting to surprise people with.

Possible, if possibly temporary solution:

Lorne: Jim… are you spanking my girlfriend over your knee?

Jim: (heavy sarcasm) Nooo, I’m painting the Forth Bridge!

Lorne: … Got a spare brush?

Leah: You, you… hang on, this is… performance art! Painting the Forth Bridge! Representing the endless toil of relationships! Punishment as process! Artist as subject and medium! Kiss me, Lorne!

Lorne: (peck)

Leah: (SLURP)

Lorne: Ack! Tonguestud!! >:=)>

I love how it seems Leah is taking “short” as a compliment.

As a fellow short person (4’11 and fully grown) I say we should be proud of our shortness!

For those who are saying Leah is short, remember that Jim is if i remember correctly around 6ft i think most people are small compared to him

trust me, jim is ‘normal’ where I’m from (minus the green hair, feathers, and fur >.>).

flap flap flap, takeoff system initiated.

After reading this, now I’m thinking Jim’s doing the best thing he can about it already. When a romantic relationship breaks, unless it’s a mutual breakup, you basically can’t possibly just magically settle for “let’s be friends”. If one person’s hanging on and hoping or wishing otherwise, about the only thing you can do is put distance between the two until it finally wears off, then try to build up the original friendship again without the mismatch of feelings complicating things. So, Jim leaving is the pull-the-bandaid-off-fast solution: enforce the distance and give Lorne time to get over it. Though he feels like it hurts more now, it should be less painful in the long run.

On a not-very related note: love Jim’s shirt. And those green-tufted ears.

After seeing all the comments on Leah’s ears, and looking at them again, now all I can picture is a slew of little bitty planes being guided in by ear-semaphore messages….

Here everyone is commenting on Leah’s ears… am I the only one trying to do the same thing Jim is with his hands in the third panel?

Ah, no… The hands… I don’t have a clue how he did that or, as a matter of fact, why xD

actually, on second thought, I think Kory simply drew Leah first and then realized Jim’s gargantuan paws would block Leah’s face a lil’ bit if he had them splayed normally so she kind of went “PLAH” and drew them weird xD
Forgiven. I do that too, sometimes.

You caught some true feelings in leah’s and jims face and ears. love it. got to love the last frame.

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