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Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Page 23

Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Page 23 published on 47 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Page 23

And that’s it for Chapter 5! Hope you enjoyed it!


I’ll be taking a break to get chapter 6 ready to go, so Skin Deep will go on Hiatus until Chapter 6 starts April 6th!

Until then, I’ll be doing Reader Questions, starting next week! Would you like to ask a question that I might answer? You can ask them over here on Patreon!

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Never imagined they would be rescued by a moneky thing with elemental earth powers but a rescue is a rescue I suppose. Cant wait to see how would that turn out. Now it’s time to go back to Jim, rupert and lorane’s adventure in wonderland.

Is this guy a… dragon? Or from Wonderland, maybe?

There are perhaps many beings that want to escape hell, or this could be one that arrived after being specifically sent to lend assistance to Michelle and saw that Bloodcarver is also helping, so.. Help two instead of one?

Either way certainly looks possibly from wonderland that has been trapped in hell for some time and now sees a means of escape, but I’m suspecting greatly that the price for such assistance will be a steep one.

Yes, you should totally trust this stranger with the wristbands, tail band, feet gloves, and pink/purple hotpants.

That mouth almost looks like a taniwha in typical depictions… But I would be surprised if that is what our new friend here is, especially given the earth powers when they are usually associated with water (though there are tales of them carving our channels and causing landslides). Bring on the new chapter to solve the mystery!

So two big questions:

1) What would you be willing to tell us about the dimensions? In the drawing near the start of this chapter it looks like there are around 11. We know of three: Dis, Wonderland, and the Spirit Realm. I’ve been super curious ever since Wonderland was introduced to know if Oz is one of them as well.

2) What’s the difference between a ghost and a shade?

I reckon Oz, like the Avalon in Liverpool, and Wonderland, is a large avalon somewhere in America. I don’t see why there are only eleven “places” (I can’t call them dimensions as a Mathematician, it’s just not the right word in my head), I’m sure there are plenty more.

Dis is a world borrowed from one of the Religions of the Book (don’t remember which one, but a Christian one) and is a level of Hell. Look it up on Wikipedia!

Wonderland is both an Avalon and another plane, so I thought Oz could be the same thing. It might not be limited to America, though (in one story Dorothy and her Uncle Henry are on a trip to Australia and Dorothy gets swept overboard and eventually ends up in Oz via Nonestica).

On the third page of this chapter Kori drew the Earth and the planes that either intersect/bisect it or are closely adjacent to it. I tried to count them and came up with 11, though I can’t be sure I didn’t miss one or double-count.

Dis comes from “The Divine Comedy” and encompasses the sixth through the ninth circles of Hell.

So did this nightcrawler-looking gal siphon Michelle’s magic to make that dome, or was her sudden case of the vapours caused by something else? Do the denizens of hell just see her as a giant walking battery now that she’s tapped into the sphinx magic-source-thingy?

Hm! Something people would think is impossible like a half-dragon half-demon? Half-chimeras are impossible after all, so we know how much that word matters. Maybe word is out here but everyone isn’t chill with it, or there aren’t many who know but they have a friend or family member involved in this somehow. Idk!

Come to think of it we still don’t know who let the shade of Michelle’s Father out, do we?

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