Hello Goodbye 11: Anthony’s Been Drinking

Stumptown was amazing! Thank you so much everybody! I’ve got some GREAT ideas for the future of Skin Deep, and hopefully I will be able to implement them soon! All the new merchandise I had for sale at Stumptown I will be adding to the online store asap as well. Woo woo!


HA! What’s ironic about this is I went to a con in Colorado this weekend and found out I’m allergic to alcohol….ffffffffffff

That could not have been a pleasant discovery. *cringe* Sorry about that. Hopefully the reaction wasn’t so severe that the con could not still be enjoyed!

You can’t kill the spirit of a con. Lucky my reactions are just a runny nose and sneezing like no other. I just enjoyed watching the other drunks stumble around. :D

Wait a second…. Is his pocket getting picked by the person with the white and red hair?!?! If so,…that guy’s a total dick-wad!

Also,…I LOVE the “awkward couple” moment happening on the left,…or at least awkward for our favorite half-manticore…

Jadugara ^_^

wow i ditn’t noticed that when i read it.
i bet he stole his phone and hell have to explain it to hi mum *hilarity ensues*.

There must be plenty of alcohol blanketing Tony’s system – he doesn’t seem to have freaked out at the sight of insectoid in the pale green long-sleeve. He has a point, though. Some people do take the road less traveled, and notice things. Perhaps we are about to hear about the avalon’s Bojeffries Saga-style curiosity damper.

Rhonda seems to be moving in on Ike. Ike looks to be wanting to back away. If that’s the Guinness that she bought him, he’s hardly touched it. I don’t have a good enough handle on Abigail to know what manner of shenanigans she will allow in her bar, but I do wonder if there’s anything else in that drink.

Hmmm, maybe Ike is worried that the ouzelum bird is about to pull an avian in-prank on Tony and freak him out. Or maybe he’s hoping he will…

Tony: Aaack! Waaaa!

Ike: OI! Wanker! Bugger off! (to Rhonda) ‘Scuse me love, gotta sort this. (jerks thumb at Tony, turns away) He’s just been turned, you prat! Yeah, scuttle off! You all right, Tony? Take deep breaths, and let’s get you outside. *Please?*

I was wondering when someone was goin’ to say, “Bollocks.” :)

We’ve been in England for how long, how many issues? It was bound to happen.

The reason why Humans never noticed? Every single one is Tripping on LSD in the water. it makes them hallucinate the world is normal. People who take “LSD” are actually taking a sobering pill, fortunately they drink something eventually.

Bhadraksh! Hello!
And David’s either up to something sneaky or that’s just the way he dances.
Poor old Tony. Getting drunk off his face is really the best option for him at this point, I reckon. Might be a bit rough for him waking the next morning with a killer hangover and with his wings still-bloody-well-there, mind.
Ah well.
Best get used to wings and uh…. straws, Tony boy.

Oh Tony. You really shouldn’t be drinking that much.
Being drunk and already unstable on new bird-legs isn’t going to be very good when the two combine….

“This can’t be a secret that every single… magical… person?”

GASP. Tony didn’t call them freaks! PROGRESS!

Think you may have forgotten an ‘u’ at the end of arigatou.

Any who, by the looks of it, Tony is going to have a couple of buds by the time hes knocked out on the ground. If not we’ll all be singing sea chanties by the time the party is over :D.

I don’t think so. “Arigato” is a standard phonetic rendering of the Japanese. It’s spelled that way because that’s how it’s pronounced.

On the subject of drink, some people just have a higher tolerance of alcohol, regardless of species. Three pints isn’t that much, unless you’re driving, which Tony most emphatically isn’t. It’s also possible that Abi is serving him the low-alcohol stuff, possibly laced with some sort of potion of broadmindedness.

When “arigatou” is written phonetically in Japanese hirugana, the “u” indicates a longer “o” sound. When it’s transliterated into the Roman alphabet, the “u” is routinely, but not always, left off.

So everyone basically abandoned Eleanor…ouch. And it’s nice to see Blanche again, even though it’s just his ear. lol

Just found this comic and have been devouring it! The art, the expressions, the characters, the storylines! I love it! Also…4 pints? Wow, I was never a lightweight when I was doing runs out of Scotland, but even over a few hours…that’s a lot of alcohol…oh wait…the transformation…probably burning it off easily.

Statistically speaking; even if you strip out organized religion, the number of people who believe in and look for magical, impossible things ranging from aliens to leprechauns to the HORDES of believers in ghosts is a slim majority. If there was actual proof to be found, they’d be waving it on prime-time TV instead of just repeating lots of ridiculous, “maasaybe this is true?” shows on the History Channel.

I choose to believe that it is a world-wide blinder enchantment that keeps folk distracted, confused, and acting gelt destroys all the physical evidence via magically-enhanced rate of entropy. It was installed by powerful Mystics around the time of the enlightenment using a great deal of power which actually ended up causing the die-off of Magic-users skilled enough to make medallions.

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