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Hello, Goodbye 12: Everything David Says is Crap

Hello, Goodbye 12: Everything David Says is Crap published on 33 Comments on Hello, Goodbye 12: Everything David Says is Crap

New page new page! It’s a little light on backgrounds but I think it makes up for that by having a ton of panels and dialog I HOPE YOU ENJOY.

Also, I replaced the Blog with my Tumblr, which gets updated far more often than the wordpress blog ever did. I’m trying to do a thing where I’ll answer one or two Reader Questions every week, so if you have any questions, drop me a line! The first question one was answered yesterday, and it’s about Eleanor’s cat, Anyroad!


Question: what exactly IS David? I’ve been wondering for a while and I’m not sure if anyone else has asked or if it’s been explained and I somehow missed it, so, sorry if that’s the case.

BTW Lorne’s face on the last panel is priceless!

That’s a tongue? I thought it was a straw. XP

Great work even when it’s a wall of dialogue, it’s still an important wall of dialogue! :) I must point out though, panel 4 to 5, the ouzelum bird-man David changes his hand to a wing to a hand again (by panel 6). Either that or I don’t know what I’m looking at..

Bhadraksh kinda does look like a robot in a way, lol. I’d ask how he talks with that weird mandible mouth of his, but I’ll just assume “magic” like most things :P

Also, I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer Anthony without his hat. Not that his hat is bad, but I like the way he looks without it.

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