Hello, Goodbye 27: The End

And with that, Exchanges comes to an end! It took me two and a half years to tell a story that takes place during one day! Oh, the magic of webcomic time! I hope you liked it! I’m really pleased with this story!

What’s next for Skin Deep? Well, like previous chapter breaks, I will be taking the rest of the month off in order to gear up for the next comic! It will be a short one that I haven’t named yet, but features Merial and Jim!

Every day from tomorrow till the comic starts I will be answering READER QUESTIONS. EXCITING, RIGHT? I’m doing it a little differently this time, though, so I can better keep track of all the questions! If you want to ask me (or a character) a question, send your question to ask@skindeepcomic.com! Be sure to leave your name and/or a website so I can link to you if I answer your question!


Oh man. Kory, I’m honestly so proud of you. It’s weird to think that I’ve been reading Skin Deep for a few years, but I guess it really has been that long! I think I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. This is my favourite webcomic on the internet. And that’s even up against all those high flyers like lackadaisy and the meek and so on. Anways, this page is stunning, this whole story has been stunning and screw it, the whole comic, start to finish has been stunning!
Time to go study all the little details on this page…

That was wonderful.
This arc had so much character development, and beautiful art, and sheer creativity holy cow girl.
Now go take your well-deserved break.

LOL JK draw comics 24/7

I only started reading Skin Deep recently but have found it to be
one of THE best webcomics I’ve read to date and hope to love
what’s to come just as much :3

Needs more salt.

To be honest, I do not think enough people know about your comic. I will make a Skin Deep spray for TF2 and spread the word. To every server I join.

P.S. A lot of the guys around where I live claim to be hunters, and I bet even they don’t know about velvet. Great work. Details like that really add to the comic as a whole.

Absolutely beautiful, the way you wrapped the chapter up. Will we be seeing Anthony and Blanche again in the future at some point?

We haven’t worked out just what caused Anthony to go all harpy-ish, and I certainly hope that the underground tunnel subplot is going somewhere…
Hang in there until the next Orientations arc is over I guess?

Been reading for a while, just wanted to drop in to say that your ending was fulfilling, and I really hope we see Lorne again!

Well, that was a fun ride! Comic book time can be a strain to all who have to deal with it, but just so long as it keeps flowing in regular doses, we’re all fine. Good finish, too – I do like a good harpy’s-eye view.

Anyone who has actually studied or even just observed deer over time will know how antlers work. Tony obviously hasn’t, but that’s really no discredit to him. It’s interesting to hear that Blanche actually has an annual antler cycle, and it leads me to wonder whether he also moults or goes into rut. Presumably, he has develveting knife for when his antlers finish growing and the velvet starts to itch, and presumably the issue of whether he shapes or manipulates his antlers (rather than leaving them to grow as they will) rears its head. I also wonder whether it’s possible, come that time of year, for antlers to detach while the bearer is in human form, or whether the magic prevents this, or whether they’d detach but remain in place, only to drop to the ground the next time the bearer resumed an antlered form, to much consternation and mirth. Oh, and do they eat the discarded antlers in the traditional manner, or do something else with them?

I notice that some of the buildings in the LA appear to have US-style water towers on their roofs. I suppose they might have been built in response to the water supply issues that might occur in a supposedly empty industrial building which is actually home to hundreds of beings, but generally our water systems aren’t configured that way.

Anyway, jolly good show, and I look forward to the next installment. And I do hope that Tony finds someone eventually. As Crying Freeman knows, it makes all the difference.

I loved this comic, however I think you left some questions unanswered, like, what creature is Antony, will he change back, what will his mom’s reaction be if he goes home, etc. :)

If she answered everything all at once, the comic would be over. Gotta still hold something back for the next chapter with Anthony.

I love it!! A great ending to a great chapter!

And now for a reader question, may we please have a glimpse of any new characters that are going to be in the next chapter?

Sad to see it end, I like these characters. It seems weird that I’ve been reading this for 2.5 years now. But I love the way you ended this. :)

(Also, I can no longer read Skin Deep before going to bed, it causes some VERY strange dreams… >.>)

Aww. Still. I love Skin Deep.

Also, I loved the behind the scenes animation you posted of this page. Just seeing how you realize the Avalon from a blank page is just awesome.

Is that a *church* at the page bottom … ?

(And it’s a view of inside the Avalon, isn’t it? With the statue next to it … and the rather unusually-sized church mouse! 8-o )

Pulling a quote from the dA page for Exchanges Page 30: “The cathedral … is St. Francis Cathedral, the oldest building in the Avalon. Before the Avalon went into hiding a bunch of human missionaries built the Church in hopes of converting the mythical population to Christianity. Since St. Francis of Assisi gave sermons to the animals, the humans thought that devoting the church to St. Francis would make it more appealing. They also covered the church in icons of the Evangelicals, since they are often portrayed as mythical beasts (Matthew=winged human, Mark=winged Lion, Luke=winged ox, John=eagle). Today it is still a holy building, but instead it’s used as a meeting hall for all of the Avalon’s congregations, regardless of belief. Probably not what the missionaries had in mind, but it works for the L.A. residents.”

Argh! I’ve been reading as slow as I could stand to, because I really didn’t want this to end… but… there it is!

I’ve really, really enjoyed the ride, thank you so much. Wonderfully told, so much going on, and yet I was able to keep it all straight in my head.

Really looking forward to more. I must throw some tips in the jar.

I just reread this whole comic from the beginning, and was reminded that it is even more awesome than I already knew it was! Also, your art skills have improved SO much since the beginning, and they were already awesome. Can’t wait for more comics!

oh but i wanna see more of Ike/Rhonda action!!!! but at least we’ll get to see merial again.(but ill miss alec dearly he my all time favorite character and the fact we wont be seeing him for awhile makes me sad…as well as it does that we wont be seeing any of Royce or Phoenix who come tied to a close second favorite along with jim…and speaking of are we ever gonna learn more about Phoenix??? i would love if he ended up being a girl because that would just be awesome and t see him as a phoenix(or whatever he is)

I love Love LOVE this. I’m a bit sad that now the story’s back to Michelle though.

I don’t know why, but Que Sera, Sera popped into my mind when I read these last few pages :D

Thank you for this absolutely brilliant comic. I found some weeks ago, reading it for the second time now. I promise to donate when I can, if I get a job…

blanche and anthony are kind of my otp im sorry
i cant pick uhh
jeez both ships are really adorable ugh
and lorne is just
:c poor lorne
im also going to cling firmly to my belief that blanche is in love with anthony and yOU CANT STOP ME

…i need to stop shipping things this is becoming an unhealthy obsession

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