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Illumination 3 page 40

Illumination 3 page 40 published on 24 Comments on Illumination 3 page 40

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But I have to wonder how exactly they’re gonna fake their deaths. They can’t just fade into the human populace without the dragons suspecting something, right? Right?

A-HA!! The raven sitting on Phinny’s shoulder IS Ravi! Ha ha! Everyone was right!! For some reason I feel like celebrating this.

I wasn’t aware that medallion-created humanity affected lifespans, and certainly many of these beings must have normal lifespans much longer than a normal human. Disturbing.

Small wonder most mythicals with medallions prefer remaining in the half-form stage in normal everyday life. It may protect them against this lifespan deterioration.

Living in an Avalon may have more benefits other than the obvious secrecy.

It does explain how to solve the problem of faking your death, changing your name, and getting new documentation every hundred years or so. (People tend to get suspicious of the 300-something neighbor with the 30-something body. Kory still hasn’t said how long a Sphinx naturally lives, AFAIK, unless she answered it in one of the reader questions on Patreon that I haven’t seen yet… could be hundreds or even thousands of years.)

Back in Exchanges, Lorne mentioned gryphon longevity in a way that implied few other species were comparably long-lived. When Jocasta speculates that the medallions will give them (or their descendants) “a more human lifespan”, she confirms that sphinxes also live longer. (I’m guessing it’s not much longer than gryphons.)
I get the impression that medallions don’t make any appreciable difference in the lifespans of most species (other than protecting them from trophy-hunters and lab-suppliers). For most of them, mid-forms are simply practical conveniences.
Which still leaves unanswered the question of why Michelle’s relatives keep dying so young and without siblings.

If that Raven has been Ravi the whole time, that’s probably the longest he has gone without yapping in forever.

I’m starting to think that Michelle needs to find Worsets descendant.

It has been /strongly/ implied that every medallion smithy needs to be equipped with a phoenix egg, which would place one limit on how many such smithies there can be. Smithies on the European mainland are being destroyed, presumably destroying the eggs with them.
The Liverpool egg, that Phineas just happened to be in the right place at the right time to save, may in fact be the last one left — at the end of the war, if not yet at this point.
So, if any more medallions are going to be made, they’ll have to be made by the last sphinx using the last phoenix egg. (But no pressure, Michelle!)

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